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Who even is MJA WOODS?

Established in 2016 we have always had a goal of providing everyone the highest quality garden structures for affordable prices, Not only do we create unique and modern garden structures but also install all over the uk too. Our teams are very talented in the work they preform but also providing you the right options when choosing the ideal garden structure for your garden. In addition we have created huge amount of gazebos and pergolas for incredible clients just like yourself.


Why choose us?

Immediately upon picking one of our incredible garden structures you gain many exclusive benefits that you wouldn’t gain anywhere else such as installation , warranty and free delivery anywhere inside the uk. Into the bargain you also get a free helpline if you are unsure of what kind of garden structure or size is the right one for you. Our team of online members are more than happy to guide you throughout your process of ordering keeping you stress free and relaxed. Besides all of those benefits you gain one very important benefit. Each and every one at MJA WOODS takes care in both clients and in the work they produce leaving the journey from the moment you order to the moment we finish the complete project is a smooth and relaxed sail with no waves.