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Here at MJA WOODS not only do we create incredible structures but also listen to our clients like they are family making sure we connect and deliver the best services around

What do we offer at MJA?

Looking for the best place to buy bespoke gazebos, pergolas, canopies, outdoor BBQ units, garden sheds, and garden decor items in Uk? Feel free to contact us


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We offer bespoke services!

When looking through our online store you may see many incredible garden structures but no bespoke ones but there is very good reasons why. For instance when building a bespoke gazebo or pergola its for a certain size or design for one specific client meaning it may not suit or fit in every garden.

Don't worry as we do still offer bespoke services for nearly everything meaning if you would like something different or a certain size just contact us via phone or email and one of our incredible members will be in touch shortly 

 If you are interested in seeing a couple of our finished bespoke Garden structures click "see gallery".

Play Video about Home light color gazebo

Bespoke Traditional Garden Gazebo

Here’s our latest update on the this gorgeous 7 upright bespoke traditional garden gazebo, All of the rafters have been fitted with the 12mm shiplaps all round with a beautiful black shingle felt finish. Also our modern garden fence panels applied all around the garden.
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Bespoke softwood Garden Gazebo

The final look on this gorgeous bespoke Gazebo with our modern Fence panels. As you can see this incredible gazebo has been perfectly set up with the tree not effecting the stance of our structure looks so gorgeous as the tree looks like a feature of the Bespoke Gazebo. At MJA WOODS we take pride in our work making sure every little finish is always at the highest quality Possible.